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Szolid Machinzs Launched Mini CNC Router

July 26, 2017 By cnc router

Mini CNC Router Work Indusrty Jewellery Die Mould Textile and Leather Educational Institutions Religion Paramaceuticals Rubber Industry Mobile Handset X.Y working size 250mm×250mm Z working size 90mm- (110mm if u need Rotary device) The Max width of the workpiece 400mm The Max length of the workpiece Unlimited Speed of working 0-4000mm/min Speed of spindle 6000-24000RPM […]

3D Engraving Bits

November 24, 2016 By cnc router

Applications: 3D engraving and chamfer angle on Acrylic, MDF, and PVC. Excellent concentricity, sharp cutting edge, non-stick in the bottom Material: Solid carbide MODEL NUM d a t D L GV61045 10 45 0.2 6 40 GV61060 10 60 0.2 6 40 GV61090 10 90 0.2 6 40 GV610120 10 120 0.2 6 40 GV610150 10 […]