CNC Wood Lathe

CNC Wood Lathe

December 16, 2016 By cnc router

Service Description:

CNC Wood Lathe

wood lathe is a device that can create items such as stairway posts, designs on wood, and more.
A CNC wood lathe is operated by a computer which is controlled by the user. The use of computers on a lathe machine offers a wide range of benefits and features, while improving functionality.

Lathe Machine is designed for cylindrical or conoid workpieces, for example pillar, banister,

chair-legs, etc.

All lathes work the same way. However, how to get the machine to work is where a CNC lathe differs. Thanks to computer technology that is similar to that of a sewing machine or embroidery machine, CNC lathes can be programmed with whatever design you have in mind. The computer takes the information for that design and moves the lathe in order to get that very design to show up on the item being engraved.


  • If you need to make several of the same items, CNC Wood Lathe is a huge advantage.
  • You can also save job files for repeat jobs.”
  • CNC Wood Lathe save labor costs.
  • “It can save your time. Time ismoney,”
  • For adding new services to your offering could attract new clients and a new revenue stream for your company.
  • Quality and consistency are critical to gaining repeat business and building your company’s reputation
  • The output is precise, repeatable, high quality because you design on computer and CNC Wood Lathe cut perfect true curves.
  • “So a CNC Wood Lathe is not only a boost to business it’s an expansion of the business’ capabilities.


Max.working diameter : 300mm

Max.working length : 1500mm

Speed : 1750-3500rpm

Controller : DSP

Voltage : 380V 3-phase

Weight : 400kg

Additional Information:

  • Item Code: 3015
  • Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Set(s)
  • Delivery Time: 45 to 60 days