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Parallel Cable Tools

October 22, 2016 By cnc router

S.No Items Parameters 1 Wheel φ100×φ20×50 2 Speed of Spindle 5200r/min 3 Max.Collect Dia. φ3.175mm-25mm 4 Longitudinal Travel of Cutter Index 140mm 5 Cross Travel of Cutter Index 18mm 6 Longitudinal travel of Spindle 6mm 7 Grinding Cone Angle Range 0°-180° 8 Grinding Negative Angle Range 0°-52° 9 Grinding Back Angle Range 0°-44° 10 Motor […]

Porter Cable Collet Tools

October 22, 2016 By cnc router

Out with the wobbly standard Porter Cable collet Tools  and in with the refined, low TIR (Total Indicated Runout) ER collet. If there is a significant runout, then bores will be slightly larger, fine etching grooves will be wider than expected, tiny end mills will break easily, and the router bearings would wear faster. Here […]

CNC Controller Tools

October 22, 2016 By cnc router

The CNC Controller Tools offered by us is the brain of a CNC system. This product completes the all important link between a computer system and the technical components of a CNC machine. The primary task of this controller is to receive conditioned signals from a computer or indexer and interpret those signals into mechanical […]